Associate Vietnam Veterans of America - Chapter 201 - San Jose, Ca Associate Vietnam Veterans of America - Chapter 201 - San Jose, Ca Associate Vietnam Veterans of America - Chapter 201 - San Jose, Ca Associate Vietnam Veterans of America - Chapter 201 - San Jose, Ca
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Meeting between POW&MIA and AVVA San Jose 201
at Mr. and Mrs. Nguyeng Cong's Home, San Jose, California
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BBQ at Menlo Park VA Hospital July 25, 2009

Radio Broadcast on July 11, 2009 of AVVA San Jose 201 BBQ at Menlo Park VA Hospital

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AVVA 201 appeared at the 2009 Memorial Day in San Jose

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The description of BBQ organized by AVVA Affiliated Chapter 201 at Menlo Park VA Hospital
(Broadcasting on Local Radio Station 1120 on July 11, 2009 12.00 PM)
     In order to respond to the appeal of Associations of Vietnam Veterans of America Affiliated Chapter 201 about jointing to the BBQ/Picnic. The Vietnamese Local Radio Station 1120 had announced that there will be a BBQ/Picnic on July 25, 2009, at Menlo Park VA Hospital 795 Willow Rd, Menlo Park, CA 94025 through its working frequencys’ regions. The yearly BBQ/Picnic organizes by AVVA Affiliated Chapter 201 was familiar to many Vietnamese. For instance, Mrs. Nhung Nguyển from Modesto had phoned in to confirm the AVVA 201’s address in order to sent in the support, Miss Thanh’s family from Gilroy asked Radio Station to re-broadcast the BBQ at Menlo Park VA Hospital for clearer information, Miss Luu Thi Kim Nguyen called the AVVA’s Staff to donate 50 pounds Korean BBQ Ribs, Mr. Ly van Tuyen donated 100 water bottles, and Miss. Vo thi Tien from San Jose donated 30 pounds of condiments and food assortments. Besides that, many friends and families, the Samaritans in Vietnam community, who have patronized and supported the AVVA 201 yearly. This year, to follow the tradition they are willing to contribute the same just to express the gratitude to all the US Veterans of Vietnam war era, who had sacrificed their services and blood for their country. It probably is a little gift but considering worth a thousand layers.
     Just a little recollection of Vietnam War time, thirty some years ago many Americans had come to remotely strange land of Vietnam. They determinately devoted their own lives to fight together with the weak people of a poor country against the common enemy, and also to seek for the freedom, democracy, and progress to all the corners of the world. Today, in the twilight of their lives, the US brave soldiers in the past who had fought in many fronts including the VietNam battle; had turned into the disable veterans that some of them would spend the rest of their lives in the hospital. As we probably see today in Menlo Park Hospital, there are some patients had left some parts of their bodies in our country. Another broken heart image we have seen every year on the Memorial Day is the picture of US soldier name Joseph Lesdesman was born in San Jose "The Valley of Love" who was killed in-action on the Quang Ngai battle field in Vietnam.
     Today we offer those heroes and heroines a piece of bread, a Hotdog, or a bottle of cold water, just to show our appreciation. Like the old saying "When eating fruit, remember the one who planted the tree, and sometimes a little present can have significant meaning. The BBQ fire that day would relive the past heroism times of an American GI while combating across the Vietnam battlefields, and the cool water bottle would probably also alleviate the painful feel of an old wounded soldier.
     The responding on July 25,2009 from all the Vietnamese fellowmen and communities in San Jose to the appealing of AVVA Affiliated 201 to cooperate successfully in the BBQ at Menlo Park VA Hospital, will show the true sentiment from Vietnamese community toward those former US fighting men in Vietnam. It is also an opportunity for everyone to seek for the unity and happiness between comrades in arms, the relationship of friendly forces on one side we once experienced. To inquire us more about those goodwill, charitable services, and donations, please, contact these us:
Mr. Phan Nguyen (408) 429-3195
Mr. Cang Dong (408) 332-9938
Mr. Cong Nguyen (408) 892-2452
     We are looking forward to receive your cooperation and assistance to our Association of AVVA Affiliated 201, in order to accomplish the BBQ in Menlo Park VA Hospital successfully.
Sincerely Thanks,
Phan Nguyen
AVVA Affiliated 201 President